What is child hand, foot and mouth disease

Children are prone to various diseases when they grow up, and hand, foot and mouth disease is one of them. When their child was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease, the parents were still at a loss. Because they did not know the relationship between hand-foot-mouth disease before, and did not know the type of the disease and the damage it caused, what is the child’s hand-foot-mouth disease?

Children’s hand, foot and mouth disease is a disease caused by viral infections. Children under five years old are prone to occur and are contagious. Once a child in the kindergarten suffers from hand-foot-mouth disease, most of the children in the entire kindergarten are prone to suffering and are extremely contagious.

Children will have obvious symptoms after suffering from hand-foot-mouth disease. The first symptom is fever, then the hands, mouth, feet, buttocks, etc. can be clearly seen with rash Some children will also encounter other complications, including pneumonia, encephalitis, etc. When parents find that their children have symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease, they need to seek medical attention in time.

Hand, foot and mouth disease needs to be controlled in time. If it is not controlled in time, it will directly threaten the health of the child. The treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease includes oral medication and infusion therapy, which are treated according to the child’s condition. During treatment, the child needs to rest in bed more, pay attention to isolation and observation, and avoid letting the child contact other children. Drink plenty of water, eat a light diet, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Tableware and daily necessities used by children need to be stored separately and disinfected once a day.