How to eat and drink for breast disease

Breast health troubles many female friends. Suffering from breast disease brings a lot of discomfort and affects health. People with breast disease need to pay special attention to diet and avoid eating indiscriminately in order to prevent the further development of the disease. So, what should I eat for breast disease?

Women with breast disease need a light diet first. Foods such as spicy, irritating, deep-fried, raw and cold, fried, barbecued, etc. are not suitable for patients with breast disease. People with breast disease should avoid them. When cooking food daily, try to steam and boil as much as possible, and don’t add too many seasonings.

Patients with breast disease can eat more dairy products, such as milk, cheese, etc., which have a health care effect on breast health and can help the body to supplement calcium. You can also eat more grains, black rice, red rice, soybeans, wheat, sweet potatoes, corn, etc., which can help the body maintain health.

Breast disease friends need to eat more fresh vegetables. Dark green vegetables, various fungi, carrots and other dry vegetables are all types of vegetables that patients can choose. Also eat more fresh fruits, fruits can help the body to replenish vitamin C, but also can make the skin soft and shiny. Patients with breast disease need a balanced diet, pay attention to the nutritional mix of food, and do not eat a single diet. In addition, drink plenty of water every day to help metabolism.