Problem description: Hello doctor, my baby has just turned six months and has eaten rice noodles for three or four days. Yesterday afternoon, he hugged a whole apple and gnawed for a while, but there shouldn’t be anything. A few days ago There is no rash. I washed my face this morning and found a rash on my back. In the northern home, the heating is on, and the bellyband and vest for sleeping at night.
Question date: 2020-11-26
Patient information: Age: 95 months Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, look at these rashes on the baby’s abdomen. It may be caused by heat. I have been eating rice noodles for three or four days. If there is a reaction, it should have symptoms earlier.
Guide suggestion: I suggest you observe for a while now. Apples should not be eaten directly by the baby. They must be mashed into a puree before being eaten by the baby. Give your baby a bath and watch your baby’s body temperature.
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