What is the meaning of being unable to conceive naturally

Nowadays, people pay special attention to childbirth. Generally, when preparing to have children, they will first To prepare for pregnancy, but also to the hospital for examination. However, some couples will experience infertility and may not be able to conceive naturally, which should be treated by scientific methods. So, what does it mean to be unable to conceive naturally?

Failure to conceive naturally means that the couple cannot get pregnant through normal sex. In the case of infertility, you can also get pregnant through artificial insemination, or go to the hospital for treatment, which can eliminate the inability to conceive naturally.

There are many factors that lead to the inability to conceive naturally, such as the organic nature of the reproductive system in women Lesions may lead to female infertility, and in the case of male sexual dysfunction and abnormal semen, it is also impossible to reproduce. If women suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, intrauterine adhesions, and polycystic ovaries, they are often accompanied by infertility.

When you can’t conceive naturally, you can use artificial insemination, such as test-tube baby, which is a kind of artificial insemination. This is to take out the egg and sperm, and then artificially inseminate. Wait until the fertilized egg develops into an embryo , And then transplanted into the woman’s uterus. As long as the transplant is successful, the woman becomes pregnant. From the current point of view, the baby born by artificial insemination is no different from natural conception.