Problem description: I usually like to eat chili in my life, and I want to eat chili after the face-lift injection. Will eating chili after the face-lift injection affect the effect?
Question date:2020-11-14
Patient information:Age: 41 Gender: Female
After the face-lifting injection, the meeting to eat chili pepper influential impact.
Chili is an excessively irritating food. Eating chili is likely to cause getting angry and may cause facial pain and other symptoms. After the face-lift injection, the diet has improved. You can eat light and easy-to-digest foods, eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits, and pay attention to facial hygiene and avoid being stimulated by cold water.
The face-lifting needle is a commonly used product in the beauty industry. It can achieve the effect of face-lifting in a short time and enhance the facial appearance. After the face-lifting needle is injected, it is necessary to prevent water from the needle eye.
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