Description of the problem: My skin is very dry and there is a burning sensation on my face. I want to use hyaluronic acid liquid to improve my skin texture. How much is a bottle of hyaluronic acid liquid?
Question date:2020-11-14
Patient information: Age: 30 Gender: Female
One bottle of hyaluronic acid stock solution is about 1000 From RMB to 3000 RMB.
The domestic price is relatively cheap, about 1,000 yuan, if it is imported hyaluronic acid stock solution, it is about 3,000 yuan, mainly based on the brand, the price of different brands is different. Hyaluronic acid can be used to whiten the skin and can also make the skin soft and white, but it cannot be used directly. It must be used in a regular beauty salon to achieve a better beauty effect. At the same time, sun protection must be done to prevent ultraviolet rays from irradiating the skin. .
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