Problem description: I want to go to a regular hospital for rib rhinoplasty surgery to make my nose look better and improve facial appearance. How long can I do rib rhinoplasty again?
Question date: 2020-11-14
Patient information: Age: 35 Gender: Female
Rhinoplasty three months later can do.
The complete recovery after rhinoplasty is about one month to three months, so you can do rhinoplasty again after three months. Be sure to go to a regular hospital for surgical treatment. Rhinoplasty surgery is likely to produce rejection reactions and cause infections. It may also cause unnatural symptoms such as prosthesis deviation or protrusion. If the body is rejected after surgery, it is likely to cause prosthesis deviation.
Before the operation, you must cooperate with the doctor to do all kinds of examinations, and at the same time do personal hygiene care. Never squeeze the local skin with your hands.
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