Problem description: My face has plaques, and my face is particularly ugly, so I went to the hospital for a fractional laser. How many days after the fractional laser is the growth factor wiped?
Question date:2020-11-14
Patient information:Age: 41 Gender: Female
Growth factor wipe after fractional laser around 15 days.
You can stop using it at the next follow-up visit. After applying growth factors, it can improve the healing ability of the skin. Fractional laser is also a better cosmetic method, which can be used to remove plaques on the surface. It can also be used to whiten the skin. Pay attention to local hygiene care after the fractional laser, and avoid being stimulated by cold water.
It is likely to cause scabs on the surface. Let the scabs fall off naturally. Do not scratch the partial skin with your hands to avoid wound infection and possibly scars.
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