Problem description: Half a year ago, I lost a tooth in my mouth. I went to the hospital to fill my teeth and chose a resin material. What’s the matter with the black spots on the resin material?
Date of question: 2020-11-14
Patient information: Age: 45 Gender: Female
The resin filling material has very dark spots It may be caused by the resin material falling off.
A good material is not contaminated, and there will be no black spots on the material. If the material has black spots when filling the teeth, it may be caused by the resin material falling off. If you can replace the filling materials, you must choose materials that are good for your own health to prevent affecting the health of your teeth and possibly causing infections in the oral cavity.
Be sure to pay attention to oral hygiene and care in life, and avoid food residues to avoid damage to the teeth, which may cause dental plaque and tartar.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination