Problem description: Because of the serious facial stains, my husband has begun to dislike me. I want to have surgery to improve it. I really want to know if the freckle is used for laser tube?
Question date: 2020-11-15
Patient information: Age: 41 Gender: Female
Freckle removal is used for laser tube.
Laser freckle removal is a very good skin beauty method. The heat and wavelength of the laser can disperse the melanin in the deep layers of the skin. Some of these disperse melanin will be swallowed by macrophages in the body, and some will be As the metabolism is eliminated from the body, this method has a great effect on removing various types of stains and skin pigmentation problems.
After the laser freckle removal operation is completed, be sure not to touch the skin of the wound with your hands, and the skin of the wound should not be stained with water, and food should not be spicy.
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