Problem description: My joints are particularly uncomfortable and painful recently. Today I want to go to the hospital for an examination to see if I have joint effusion. What are the symptoms?
Question date: 2020-11-18
Patient information: Age: 28 Gender: Male
The main manifestations of patients with joint effusion are Swelling, pain, and movement disorders of the joints.
When there is inflammation in the joints, it may be accompanied by symptoms such as redness and fever. Although the common symptoms of joint effusion caused by different reasons are similar, the characteristics and severity of the symptoms will be different. Common symptoms mainly include the following. Swelling is related to the amount of fluid accumulated. The degree of effusion is different, and the degree of swelling is also very different. Pain and joint pain can also be very different. In mild cases, it may be a vague throbbing pain, and in severe cases, the pain may be severe and unable to move.
Recommendation: First of all, you should ensure rest and do joint braking to avoid aggravating fluid accumulation and secondary injury caused by joint activities. At the same time, eat lightly, drink plenty of water, and avoid staying up late.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination