Problem description: My joints are uncomfortable for about half a month. Today I went to the hospital to check my joints and ordered a list. The disease mentioned above is joint effusion. What is the joint effusion on the list? meaning?
Question date: 2020-11-18
Patient information: Age: 28 Gender: Male
Joint effusion refers to the infection Under the influence of factors such as, trauma and inflammation, the secretion of synovial fluid increases and it accumulates abnormally in the joint cavity.
When the joint fluid accumulates too much, it often causes symptoms such as joint swelling, pain, and movement disorders. According to different parts of joint effusion, it can be divided into knee joint effusion, ankle joint effusion, hip joint effusion, elbow joint effusion, wrist joint effusion and so on. Among them, knee joint effusion is the most common.
Suggestion: In daily life, patients should develop good habits, go to bed and get up early every day, pay more attention to rest to ensure adequate, should eat more nutritious, light and easy to digest, protein-containing foods.
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