Problem description: After I exercise today, my calf muscles can’t be stretched suddenly. It hurts when I pull it, and my muscles are lost by half. I feel like this is a symptom of cramps. Would you like to ask about the symptoms of calf muscle cramps?
Question date:2020-11-18
Patient information:Age: 28 Gender: Male
It will feel local tightness, Combined with obvious pain and so on.
When the inflammation has not subsided well, the muscles cannot be rested, and they are stimulated by certain factors, such as being stimulated by cold or sudden force, the muscle fibers will contract violently, which will cause cramps and obvious Pain. Calf muscle spasm is divided into lateral muscle group and posterior muscle group, mainly the posterior muscle group. The cramps of the triceps muscle of the posterior calf can cause local muscles to form lumps, severe muscle contractures and pain are the main symptoms. The spasm of the lateral muscles will feel local tightness, combined with obvious pain, but the degree of twitching is not as severe as the calf triceps.
Recommendation: In normal cases of leg cramps, you can immediately grasp the cramped one side of the big toe, and then slowly straighten the foot, then stretch the leg hard, the calf muscles will not cramp; or use both hands to vigorously massage the calf , Can also be effective. If leg cramps occur frequently, you should seek medical treatment.
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