Problem description: My best friend gave birth to a child and did not do pelvic floor muscle repair, and now she has urine leakage. I am also worried about this symptom, so I am going to do pelvic floor muscle repair. How long will it take after delivery? The best pelvic floor muscle repair?
Question date:2020-11-18
Patient information:Age: 30 Gender: Female
Do it within 42 days to one year after delivery Pelvic floor muscle repair is best.
During the third trimester of pregnancy and childbirth, due to some gravity and the pressure of the fetus on the birth canal during the delivery process, the pelvic floor muscles will be strained or even broken. It is within 42 days to one year after delivery. The best and best period for pelvic floor muscle repair is to use bioengineering technology and bioinformatics principles to develop a personalized treatment plan, to use different frequencies, different pulse widths, and different intensities of electrical stimulation for different patients, and use different biofeedback modes , Reduce bladder prolapse and uterine prolapse.
It is recommended to choose the obstetrics and gynecology department of a regular hospital for pelvic floor muscle repair. After giving birth, you also need to have a reasonable diet and eat more high-quality protein to improve the body’s resistance and promote the body’s recovery.
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