Problem description:Hello doctor! excuse me! I was diagnosed with congenital brainstem cavernous hemangioma in 2017. I went to several major hospitals for examinations, but there were no results and no drugs to control. The doctor said that the only treatment is surgery, but the risk is too high. Therefore, conservative treatment is recommended, but now it feels more serious than before. The left finger and foot have affected normal life. I just saw that you can use Chinese medicine. Where can I prescribe Chinese medicine?
Question date:2020-12-04
Patient information:Age: 33 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, brainstem cavernous hemangioma can have one side paralysis, the opposite side of the upper and lower limbs hemiplegia, such as upper and lower limbs weakness. Traditional Chinese medicine is also relatively limited in this area of ​​treatment.
Guidelines: At present, your symptoms are getting worse. See if you can consider gamma knife treatment. This is a minimally invasive surgery and is relatively safe. However, the risk of hemangioma surgery in the brainstem is still relatively high, so it is recommended that you go to a higher-level authoritative hospital.
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