An excellent company, excellent is all-round strong. A good employee, good theory is all-round good.

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Who should take the money

The current entrepreneurship is under the blessing of VC. It runs at a speed of 100 meters and runs the distance of the marathon.

Money is speed, it’s everything!

Which company should take the money, this question has been answered by many people. Especially many investors, often in the public media, swear by the entrepreneurs: the situation is not good, do not entangle the valuation, have money to take it quickly, do not pick and choose.

Looking more, I feel that the situation has not been good in these years, and entrepreneurs have never been qualified to pick and choose.

Is this the case?

With my experience of 4 financings over 4 years, I disagree with this view!

First of all, the money in the market is the same as that of the tide. There are tides and tides, and there are cycles of your own. You will not be back to the time when each financing is a low tide.

A lot of factors will affect the amount of VC money in the market. For example, if the economic situation is good, the stock market is good, and everyone is making money, then VC will be more affluent; such as the central bank to lower interest rates or reserves, the market The money will also increase; on the contrary, the money will be less.

So, starting a business should also pay attention to changes in the macro market, especially several official weather indicators: stock index, house prices, central bank interest rates, policies and so on.

When you have more money, don’t let yourself fall in value; when you have less money, of course, you can get the money and get back a life.

In addition to these official weathervanes, there are some more intuitive signs of the financial market sentiment:

If you are in an industry, many companies announce that they have obtained it for a whileNegative absenteeism, inaction, happening more or less in every company.

The biggest waste of the company is actually recruiting people with a bad return on investment!

The waste of manpower is implicit. When controlling costs, finance is often used to see the parts of reimbursement and travel;

In fact, compared with the cost of human wages and social security provident fund, reimbursement, travel standards, rent, etc. are all small things.


Thirty million to be written by ten to B entrepreneurial pit (middle)

In the era of ad explosions, the best marketing is to advertise less.

Good marketing doesn’t mean a big budget.

How long is the horizontal, how high is the height, and the brand that is desperately trying to save money and the exhibition, comes fast and walks fast.

The era of oversupply is the company’s marketing, it must be hyped, it must be fooled!

So, now in the airport reading materials, the marketing books are the best sellers, and the marketing masters are the most sought after. The first billboard in the Capital Airport T1/T2 terminal is a marketing company, which does not change all the year round. The company is making enough money.

Whether you are doing to B or doing to C, the current bosses generally have a strong brand awareness, and they are not invested in brand promotion, and the market budget is as low as several million. More than ten million, even hundreds of millions.

Marketing, there are many ways to spend money. The most basic ones are media soft texts and advertisements; the top is industry conferences, salons, and forums; the other is to host conferences and engage in industry parties.

With so much money invested, it is sure to be heard. If a company can continue to invest in marketing for more than half a year, the industry can still form a good XX company, the brand is very loud, and so on. .

The above description is basically a lot of bosses’ understanding of marketing work.

In fact: the above is all wrong!

There is a boss around. I used to pay little attention to the marketing work. After a few years of work, I felt that I had no brand loss after eating the product, and I was determined to pay more attention to marketing.

The first is a high-paying hired marketing director from a large company, and then gave the director a large market fee, so the director started his performance:

Ten ten million written to B entrepreneurial pit (middle)

The official website UI is not good looking, redo and redo;

The company’s business card design department looks good, reworked, reworked, and high-end;

The brand is not ringing, engaging in activities, seeing the meeting, seeing the exhibition, participating in a lecture, a lecture of 70,000,000, an exhibition of hundreds of thousands, a year down, millions of budgets are dying out, look back at the marketing effect, know The number of people is a lot more.

Looking at sales again, it is not much different from last year. This marketing, it’s not raining?

There are a whole lot of meetings, rankings, rankings, and maybe useful for financing to VC, but it’s really useless for sales.

This phenomenon is not a minority around me. The boss knows that marketing is important and willing to spend money. Why is the actual effect not good?

What is marketing? Marketing masters have their own set of theories, including conflict theory, positioning theory, super symbol theory, etc. As an entrepreneur without any resources, my understanding:

I want your target customers to know your product first, then know your product, and finally like and consume your product!

All marketing moves must be done around this goal! The rest of the changes are called changes, but they are useless.

Return to the above case, the official website UI is not good, depends on whether it affects the customer’s access to the company’s information?

If there is no obvious impact, but it does not meet the aesthetics of some people, the revision is not necessary.

The business card design is not good-looking, younger, and the high-end revision has been questioned by customers. Because the customer is a government department, the aesthetic is very conservative, and I feel that the business card after the revision is unstable.

Events, conferences, salons, and exhibitions are endless. After many participants, it has been found that many people who have come to the occasion have been the few speakers. The guests who spoke are almost never changing their medicines. The audience below are almost all friends. A limited number of customers have long been taken away.

(The young CEO has long been caught in the routine of others’ industry chain. For the liar, we will talk slowly later)

These regular marketing actions can only bring about 60 points to the company. For a company that is determined to build a brand, it is obviously not enough!

When I came out from the chrysanthemum factory, the last job was the network security marketing manager. In this position, I fully touched the standard routine style of marketing for mature large companies, from product management, product pricing, products. Promotions, channel management and other aspects have been involved.

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