In the next five years, there will be about 500,000 fire engineers in the country, but as of 2018, the number of domestic first-class fire engineers is only about 30,000.

In recent days, the fire engineer’s online vocational education platform “An Cheng Education” announced the completion of nearly 100 million A round of financing. This round of financing is a private investment that will be used for course product development, team building and technology investment.

Beijing Angcheng Information Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ancheng Education” was established in 2017. Headquartered in Chaoyang District, Beijing, it is the first batch of senior registered fire engineer training personnel in China, and is positioned as an online first-level fire registered engineer for training and employment.

Foreign Industry Research Institute issued 2014-2018 China Fire Engineering The industry’s in-depth research and investment forecast analysis report data show, driven by the construction of real estate, education, petrochemical, electric power and metallurgy, the current fire protection industry in China has invested more than 400 billion yuan in the market. Then it is more than 200 billion yuan.

In addition, the State issued the “Provisional Regulations on the Registered Fire Engineer System” in September 2012, and implemented the entry-level vocational qualification system for professional and technical personnel engaged in fire safety technical work according to law, and incorporated the professional qualification certificate system for professional technicians throughout the country. Unified planning.

The registered fire engineer is engaged in fire safety technical work such as fire protection facility testing and maintenance, fire safety monitoring and inspection, fire technical consultation and fire safety assessment, fire accident technical analysis, etc. in the fire protection technical service organization; Fire safety management work.

There is news that, in the next five years, the country needs about 500,000 fire engineers. People, but as of 2018, the number of domestic first-class fire engineers is only about 30,000.

Aung Cheng Education is a focus on the education behind the growth of fire engineers market. In 2015-2017, the number of applicants for fire engineers’ examinations averaged around 500,000, and in 2018, it reached 897,000. There are many candidates, but the exam The pass rate is very low, which was about 0.92% in 2015, about 2.59% in 2016, and about 2.5% in 2017. The need for candidates to seek institutional counseling arises.

Aung Cheng Education takes the three major contents of technology, comprehensive ability and case analysis as the course content, and imparts it to students through interactive courseware, video, pictures and games. The mode of teaching is live broadcast, the class size is the middle class size, the students can ask questions during the re-learning process and interact with the teacher. In addition, Ang Cheng Education also offers personalized tutoring.

At present, the number of paying users (reading students) of Angcheng Education has exceeded 50,000.

In the future, Angkor Education plans to innovate the main line of fire protection, open up various product lines in the fire protection segment, and build diversified training products according to the needs and scenarios of different users. At the same time, increase the technical input, the learning data capture, the whole process of the preparation, class, review, homework and other links to achieve full product.

For this investment, investors believe that: “The founding team of angcheng online education has experienced experience in marketing, teaching and research, training and product services in online education and fire training. We are very happy to be with Cheng Education is committed to working together to provide the best vocational education for students.