A lot of Apple’s spring-released services, Apple’s game subscription service Apple Arcade has been a frequent news, and just after exposing the interface and feature details in the past few days, Apple Arcade’s early demo experience has come.

According to previous reports, Apple Arcade will offer users a one-month free trial, which is a lot less than Apple Music’s three-month trial. But considering the differences in games and music services is also acceptable.

But due to the early internal version, its completion is still not representative of the official online version that the player saw during the fall. But with this early version and six games, we can see what Apple expects from Apple Arcade.

9to5Mac has tried a total of six games in this early build, including Way of the Turtle, Down in Bermuda, Sneaky Sasquatch, Hot Lava, Kings of the Castle, Frogger in Toy Town.

Let’s revisit the Apple Arcade Trailer

There are differences in the completion of the six games, and the two are impressive

Way of the Turtle

The first game of the experience is called Way of the Turtle, a platform jumping game where you will play as a newlywed turtle to find the missing wife and explore the puzzle by walking and jumping.

The game is controlled in a simple way, the turtle will walk automatically, but you can control the direction in some cases, or stop by shrinking the shell. The game can also be played through the handle, but because of the semi-automatic style, you can easily control it on the touch screen or keyboard.

Down in Bermuda

Down in Bermuda developer Yak & Co is famous for another game Agent A – A Puzzle in Disguise. In this game, the player will play the lead aviator Milton, who left his family to travel through the Atlantic.

The style of the game is very fresh and beautiful. Players need to click on different items on the screen to trigger related changes, and finally complete a small adventure decryption. This type of game is actually more common, the style of painting is relatively close, and finally it is still possible to tell a good story.

Sneaky Sasquatch

The RAC7 game developers have previously launched the more famous games Dark Echo and Splitter Critters, and now they bring Sneaky Sasquatch to Apple Arcade. This is an action adventure game where players need to control their character to find food at the campsite.

It’s not fair to compare these games with different degrees of completion, but Sneaky Sasquatch feels the most complete game among the six games tried, its visual style is excellent, and there are all kinds of play. Ways, as well as humorous copywriting and NPC interaction. This game is likely to be number one on the first day of Apple Arcade’s launch.

Hot Lava

Klei Entertainment has developed games such as Famine and Hypoxia. The new game this time is called Hot Lava., already have a beta on Steam. This is a first-person game based on the popular children’s game Where the floor is lava.

Hot Lava’s background is set in a school or home environment. Players can avoid lava by running, jumping, sliding or hanging on the ropes. For example, when you reach a certain speed, you can even “surfing” on the lava ground.

Hot Lava can be controlled with the mouse and keyboard, but for games with higher motion components, using the host handle should be a better solution. There are also settings for the control mode in the game, but in this version. It seems that it has not been activated yet.

The game’s picture is good, but when the picture quality is adjusted to the highest, there are some codes that seem to be unoptimized, and there are certain requirements for performance, if you play on a poor performance Mac,An external eGPU card will be a good solution.

Kings of the Castle

Canada game developer Frosty Pop has launched games like Kingpin Bowling and High Dive on the iOS platform. And this Kings of the Castle inherited some of the style of the previous game.

Kings of the Castle is a first-person multiplayer action adventure game, but since it is still an early version, the gameplay is now limited to single player mode.

The game will start with an 8-minute timer. During the countdown, you will cross the map to find the gems and unlock the keys to the door. Occasionally you will encounter some enemies, then you have to operate on the prompts on the screen, letPeople think of Sega’s classic “Sammu”.

Kings of the Castle is the most colorful game in this early experience version. It has all the basic elements of a 3D platform game, but it’s still too early for the game’s experience evaluation.

Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger in Toy Town is KONAMI’s game for Apple Arcade, a classic Froggger game with 3D elements (frog crossing the river). The game is played by helping the frog cross the street and the various obstacles that come with it. If you have played a similar game, you will be more familiar with the game to a large extent.

Frogger in Toy Town divides different areas at each level, such as three playable areas at the Suburban Home level, including the kitchen, living room, and yard. Each part has three different goals, such as not being hit by a car, not drowning, not being burned by a stove, and saving Froglets.

Like other games, Frogger in Toy Town is also an early version, so its gameplay and certain visual elements may still change.

Apple Arcade has great potential

With the early version of the demo, you can clearly feel that Apple Arcade has great potential. The current known subscription price is $4.99 per month (about RMB 35), which is comparable to mainstream music or Video streaming service is about half of it, for those who like to try new games.For people, this is a fairly affordable option.

Apple Arcade will offer more than 100 games on demand, and you can play on multiple platforms like Mac, Apple TV and iOS with a low subscription fee.

At this stage, what we don’t know is how does Apple ensure that these games reach a unified experience on different platforms? From the actual point of view, each game has a separate page and its own settings, whether Apple will continue the current distribution method will not be known.

For the six games that have been open for the game, most of them are casual games, and two of them have quite good qualities. If only one quarter of the games in the entire Apple Arcade have such qualities, then The subscription is still able to play a lot of good games throughout the year, and the annual subscription fee is even lower than the price of a 3A game – for casual gamers, this is noSuspect is very competitive.

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Of course, the differences between devices can not be ignored. Some games may have different performances on different devices. For example, playing on a Mac may not be the same as on an iPhone, buttons and touch screens. The gameplay is not the same.

To this end, Apple’s solution is to let Apple devices support the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox gamepads – with the addition of gamepads, it is also beneficial to extend the game type of Apple Arcade.

At present, Apple Arcade takes care of the mainstream game modes such as somatosensory, touch screen, mouse and keyboard, and handles, and summarizes the current information, such as “Ocean Horn 2” and “The Pathless”. The game is also enough to attract the interest of core gamers. Overall, Apple Arcade’s coverage is quite broad, which will undoubtedly help to increase the stickiness of Apple devices, and further think that this may be Apple’s content reserve for entering the living room large-screen devices.