E-commerce live broadcast will be the focus of Tencent’s live broadcast

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Tencent live changes have occurred in half a year.

In early March of this year, Tencent PCG interactive video service line began to test “Tencent Live”, a live broadcast tool for content operators. It is developed on the capabilities of small programs and consists of two parts, the App and the applet. At present, the launching function of Tencent Live and the e-commerce live broadcast function have been fully launched. Now it has been applied to scenes such as e-commerce live broadcast, interactive live broadcast and live broadcast.

Tencent has never been absent from the layout of live products. Around 2016, Tencent has launched several major games and live broadcast platforms such as Tencent Live, QQ Space Live, Live Game, Penguin E-sports and Now Live. In addition, they have also invested in game platforms such as Dragon Ball, Betta Fish and Tiger Tooth. When the live broadcast industry is still in the early stage of development, Tencent has not invested much in live broadcasts, and more is a placeholder.

From the current live broadcast industry, the small live broadcast platform is constantly closing down. This is the result of the intensification of the head effect. The size of live broadcast users has decreased by more than 20 million compared with the same period of last year. This is caused by the impact of emerging content platforms such as short videos. But the fact behind this verification is that live broadcast has become the same form of content consumption as graphics, voice, video, etc. It is also a proven method of realizing cash, and the WeChat ecosystem has to be constantly adjusted.

Expanding the public content form, realizing efficient content distribution and content realization is the goal of Tencent Live. Then, what changes can Tencent Live bring to the WeChat ecosystem? Why does it need to strengthen its e-commerce monetization capabilities, and what challenges will it bring to its continuous evolution?

Let the public and small programs work together

Live streaming is already a standard form of consumption and distribution for content platforms.

Tencent Live is a live broadcast tool and solution for the WeChat public account. The WeChat public account is an open content ecosystem, and it is determined that it needs to constantly improve the content production/display format to meet the different needs of users, including early graphics and live broadcasts. From today’s headline App, it is already a platform that contains graphics, video, and live content.

From the data of third-party platforms, the number of public accounts and monthly activities have been seriously slowed down, and will be close to the ceiling. According to the 2017 WeChat Data Report, as of September 2017, the number of active fans in the public month was 797 million, a year-on-year increase of 19%. QuestMobile released WeChat public account insight report , as of 20In February 19, WeChat had a public number of over 20 million, and the official number was 950 million monthly, up only 3.1% year-on-year.

Focus Analysis| After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends circle ads

On the other hand, the indicators of the small program are developing rapidly. Aladdin’s 2018 WeChat applet annual report shows that the WeChat apple program has a daily life of 230 million, with a quantity of 2.3 million; it is expected to live 350 million in 2019, with a quantity of 5 million.

The emergence of Tencent Live will increase the frequency of use of the “Public Number + Small Program” combination boxing.

For content owners and merchants, the business logic of “Public Number + Applet” has run through. For example, the search for knowledge-paid brands “thousands of chats”, WeChat will present relevant information such as public number (live, my live room), small programs, and friends circle. This actually includes information on multiple dimensions such as guidance, friend recommendation, scenarios, and transactions. When the user uses the thousand chat public number, they can also jump to the small program live course through the taskbar “live”. This will greatly increase the frequency of use of the two major products.

From the perspective of the use of Tencent live broadcast, the two can mutually induce traffic, further revitalizing traffic.

The public owner needs to create live missions through the app and generate small code posters; users can make appointments, watch and interact through small programs. To put it simply, the registration subject needs to be a public number, and the final live broadcast is a small program. The two elements of “public number + small program” are indispensable. With the growth of Tencent’s live account, it can both revitalize the public traffic and increase the number of small program users.

Focus Analysis| After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends circle ads

It is worth mentioning that , because of the difference between the industry and popular content, as the Tencent live broadcast continues, the small program and the public number will also penetrate each other.industry.

Aladdin report shows that as of July this year, TOP100 WeChat applet has covered 15 industries, the top three industries are online shopping, games and life services; QM report shows that in February this year, TOP500 public The number only covers 10 industries, and interest, life and politics are the most popular.

E-commerce live broadcast will be the focus of Tencent Live

The WeChat public account is accelerating into the live broadcast function, and there are also considerations at the realization level. Today, live broadcasts are the fourth largest way for Internet companies to realize their advertising, games and e-commerce.

At present, the Tencent anchor has not yet opened the reward function, but the public number owner can realize the live delivery. For WeChat, it can receive both sales and advertising revenue. At this stage, advertisers value the conversion rate, and WeChat has the highest purity private domain traffic, which means higher conversion rates.

After the official opening of the live broadcast function, if you want to open the live broadcast function to achieve the side broadcast, you also need to enter the e-commerce mall in the Tencent live app. At present, there are two ways to obtain e-commerce live broadcast capability through SEE small electric shop, paramita westock, LOOK three service providers; if you have your own e-commerce small program, apply for a third-party jump.

Focus Analysis| After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends circle ads

Tencent Live App Page

A public official who participated in the early e-commerce live beta test told that if you have your own supply chain to sell your own goods, WeChat will draw 5% of the merchandise service share; if you distribute the merchandise through the service provider, you will charge 15%. -40% sales share. “Small bag Ma Ma” had lived 21.6 million yuan in stock within 100 minutes. At present, more than 600 public identities have entered the Tencent live broadcast, and will bring more substantial social e-commerce revenue to WeChat in the future.

Focus Analysis| After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends circle ads

Some of the anchor selections and scales

In addition, Tencent Live is also becoming one of WeChat’s advertising formats, entering the WeChat circle of friends, the public number article and the small program advertising space, users click on the advertising space will directly enter the small program live page.

It is understood that the WeChat circle of friends has tried to launch live event advertisements such as “Tencent Youth Line”, “Excellent Steel Model” and “Yuefu Cleansing Cream”. According to the effect of live delivery, the sales of “Excellent Steel Model” increased by 10 times and the ROI was 1.5 times. The entrance rate of “Yuefu Cleansing Cream” was as high as 80% and the ROI was 2 times. However, this form of advertising is still being measured in a small area.

From the media “Internet and entertainment thief” analysis, one of the ways for Tencent to solve the advertising bottleneck is to establish a perfect small program diversion mechanism to improve the conversion rate from advertising to transactions, and then more businesses will advertise. . This time, the new advertising format may be the result of close cooperation between WXG and AMS.

Focus Analysis| After playing directly into WeChat, Tencent wants to make money by bringing goods and friends to advertise

Friendly Circle “Tencent Youth” Live Ads

WeChat social e-commerce is still in the incubation period

The huge potential WeChat social traffic has yet to be further developed.

“Taobao commercialized 30% of the traffic, but Tencent’s traffic is less than 1%. Tencent’s entire social ecosystem will generate more transactions than platform e-commerce.” The anniversary event described the future potential of Tencent’s socialization. Previously, through the entrance to Jingdong, Pinduo and Mushroom Street WeChat, Tencent made social traffic more productive. Among them, the fight is more than the market value of more than 35 billion dollars through the social fission purchase model, and its trading volume and users are still growing rapidly.

Social e-commerce is an industry consensus, especially in real-time traffic. can be used as a reference case, Taobao’s first female anchor, Wia, created 2.7 billion transactions in 2018, of which Tmall