Can I eat pineapple during menstruation

Pineapple is a very popular fruit, many people love it very much pineapple. Female friends must pay attention to keeping warm and personal hygiene during menstruation. And also need to make some adjustments to the diet, not to eat strong irritating, cold and cold foods. So, can I eat pineapple during menstruation?

Women can eat pineapple during menstruation, but they should not over-eat them. Because pineapple is a slightly cold food, it’s okay to eat less, but you can’t eat too much. You can eat one or two slices. If you eat too much pineapple during your menstrual period, you may have some undesirable symptoms, such as abdominal pain.

Women can’t eat cold food during menstruation, so when everyone eats pineapple It is not allowed to eat the food just taken out of the refrigerator. The correct way is to leave it at room temperature for a period of time before eating it. If you are in a hurry, you can blanch it with hot water, or turn it around in the microwave to remove the cold from the pineapple, and then you can eat it with confidence.