Is pulling milk flaps lactose intolerant< /p>

After the baby is born, parents must take care not only of the child You should also observe your baby’s defecation, which can reflect your child’s digestion status. Some parents will find that there are milk flaps in their children’s stools, and they are very worried that the baby is sick. So, is it lactose intolerant to pull the milk flap?

The baby’s milk flap is pulled, which may be caused by lactose intolerance. This shows that the intake of protein and fat is not completely digested and absorbed. If the baby has lactose intolerance, you can feed it in small amounts and several times. Lactose intolerance does not mean that the baby can’t eat any lactose at all. Moms can feed a small amount each time.

If your baby’s lactose intolerance is severe, you should give your child some drink Low-lactose or lactose-free milk powder can relieve the child’s adverse symptoms. Generally, the lactase in the child’s gastrointestinal tract can be recovered after 1 to 3 weeks after giving it to the child. At this time, the adverse symptoms caused by lactose intolerance will disappear.

Children’s milk flaps are not necessarily lactose intolerant, but may also be caused by indigestion. At this time, the amount of milk fed to the child should be reduced. Because the baby has indigestion, Most of them are caused by too much milk. Many parents hope their children eat more, thinking that this is good for health. However, this view is wrong. Excessive eating will affect the children’s health and is easy to indigestion.< /p>