What should be checked to check the breast

The breast is a particularly vulnerable part, so female friends should pay attention to the breast For health problems, you should not only check yourself regularly, but you should also go to the hospital for physical checkups on a regular basis. This can detect the disease as soon as possible, and can be treated in time at the beginning of the disease. So, what checks do women need to check their breasts?

Women want to be rightBreast proceedingYou can go to the hospital for examination Breast color Doppler ultrasound examination, mammography examination of the breast, and breast MRI examination when necessary. Generally, young women who do not have any abnormal symptoms during the self-examination only need to have a breast color ultrasound examination, which can confirm whether there are lumps in the breasts.

If you feel that there is a lump in the breast during the self-examination, and there are Pain symptoms,When the patient is over 35 years old, in addition to breast color ultrasound examination, breast mammography examination is also required, which can accurately detect what disease the breast is suffering from.

If a woman is already older, when she has breast abnormalities, The examination should focus on breast cancer screening. When performing the first examination, a mammogram examination and a breast MRI examination are required to know whether there are any lesions in the breast. If breast cancer is detected, surgery must be performed immediately.