How to treat diarrhea during pregnancy

Diarrhea is a very common abnormal symptom, usually when you catch a cold or eat something unclean After food, diarrhea will occur. Female friends’ resistance will decrease during pregnancy, so diarrhea is particularly prone to occur in daily life. So, how do women treat diarrhea during pregnancy?

If a woman has diarrhea during pregnancy, she should seek medical attention in time for the bacteria in the stool School culture and drug sensitivity test, but also to do intestinal protozoa and parasite inspection. After the relevant examination, the cause of the pregnant woman’s diarrhea can be found, and the doctor will make targeted treatment. Generally, after receiving scientific treatment, the symptoms of diarrhea will be relieved quickly.

When pregnant women have diarrhea, they must pay attention to rehydration to compensate for diarrhea. Lost water and electrolytes to avoid dehydration. In addition, because pregnant women have diarrhea that can bring harm to the fetus, it is necessary to pay close attention to the condition of the fetus and observe whether the baby has signs of premature or miscarriage.

When pregnant women use drugs, be very careful, because some drugs can affect the development of the fetus, and may even cause teratogenic fetus. Therefore, when pregnant women have diarrhea, Never use drugs blindly by yourself, and follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid endangering the health of the fetus.