What happens if you eat too much milk calcium

When everyone is deficient in calcium, it will damage your health, and it may Will cause some diseases. If you want to supplement calcium, in addition to supplementing calcium through food, you can also take calcium tablets or calcium supplements, and many people use milk calcium to supplement calcium. So, what happens if you eat too much milk calcium?

Too much milk calcium is not good for your health, it will increase bone The risk of poor quality. Everyone knows that osteoporosis is easy to occur when calcium is deficient. In fact, when calcium supplementation is excessive, it will also increase the incidence of osteoporosis, so everyone should supplement calcium in an appropriate amount, so as not to backfire.

Calcium is not easily absorbed by the human body, if the intake of calcium is compared If it is too much, but cannot be absorbed, and oxalic acid is also consumed, for example, there is a lot of oxalic acid in spinach. After the combination of calcium and oxalic acid, calcium oxalate stones will be formed, and people will suffer from kidney stones. This is very harmful to the kidneys and can easily lead to kidney damage.

Excessive intake of milk calcium will also increase the risk of heart damage. When calcium supplements are excessive, the calcium content in the blood will exceed the standard. Hypercalcemia will increase the deposits in the arteries Formation rate, and even cause ectopic calcification. This will increase the chance of atherosclerosis, so it is prone to heart disease.