What is the difference between the Qing Palace and the flow of people

Women who get pregnant by accident will basically choose abortion, which is the most Commonly used means. There are many methods of abortion, such as medical abortion and painless abortion. Some women still need an uterine evacuation after an abortion. So, what is the difference between the Qing Palace and the flow of people?

The Qing Palace is a remedy for abortion. After the abortion of women, if there is an incomplete abortion If you have symptoms, you will have symptoms such as heavy bleeding and long bleeding time, and you will also feel abdominal pain. This is usually caused by incomplete miscarriage and residues in the uterine cavity. At this time, women need to undergo uterine purging.

There are many ways of abortion, and many women choose medical abortion. Uterine cavity operation, so it is less likely to cause complications. However, medical abortion also has certain disadvantages, such as prone to incomplete abortion, which needs to be solved by purging the palace.

From the principle of surgeryGeneral, uterine evacuation surgery and abortion surgery are the same. Although both the abortion and the purging of the uterus are harmful to the health of the uterus, the uterus of the purging is more harmful to women. When female friends do not want children, they should pay attention to contraception and need to use efficient contraceptive methods to avoid accidental pregnancy. If women have frequent abortions and purging the palace, not only are they prone to gynecological diseases, they may also lead to infertility.