Will you get stones if you drink too much milk

I believe that everyone often drinks milk, this is a very nutritious food, and drink it regularly Very good for health. There are many types of milk, such as skimmed milk, pure milk and whole milk. You can choose according to your taste and physical condition. So, will there be stones when drinking too much milk?

Drinking too much milk will not cause stones. If you drink milk frequently, stones will be The rumor is completely alarmist. The main cause of people suffering from stones is the accumulation of oxalic acid in the body. In addition, in purine metabolism disorders and Protein, sugar andFatWhen you take too much, it will increase the possibility of getting stones.

Drinking milk can replenish calcium. After drinking milk, calcium is passed through the intestines Road absorbed. Moreover, people’s intestines can balance absorption according to the body’s needs for calcium, so there will be no stones due to high calcium in the body. As long as you drink milk produced by regular manufacturers, you don’t have to worry about the formation of stones.

Drinking milk will not cause stones, but if there is a problem during milk production, It may cause stones. Additives are added to milk, which are chemical substances. If they are not added properly, it may cause the human body to produce stones, such as melamine. Therefore, when buying milk, it is best for everyone to choose a product of a big brand.