Description of the problem: Hello, I had a laryngoscopy in a tertiary hospital in Haidian District the day before yesterday. I did a nucleic acid, antibody and other tests before the test, because two patients in front of me are also doing laryngoscopy , Now in a very period of time, the doctor called me into the examination room after they checked, and I did not see them disinfecting the room. Would you like to ask if there is a patient in front of the new cases in the past few days, will I be infected? Thank you
Question date:2021-01-01
Patient information:Age: 24 years old Gender: Female
Question Analysis: Hello, if your previous patient was carrying the virus, coughing or sneezing during the examination may increase the risk of infection.
Guidelines: However, all patients need to undergo nucleic acid testing before seeing a doctor, so the possibility of carrying the virus is very small, so don’t worry.
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