Can I drink coconut milk if I eat orange< /p>

Orange is a very common fruit, it is not only very delicious, but also Contains a lot of nutrients, especially the content of vitamin C is very high. If you usually eat some oranges, it is more beneficial to your health and can enhance your body’s resistance. So, can I drink coconut milk after eating orange?

You can drink coconut milk after eating oranges, which will not cause adverse symptoms . However, everyone should be aware that it is not advisable to eat oranges on an empty stomach, otherwise the organic acids contained in oranges will irritate the gastric mucosa and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, everyone should try not to drink milk within 1 hour after eating oranges, otherwise the protein in milk will coagulate after encountering fruit acid, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption.

Although oranges are delicious and contain many nutrients, don’t eat too much many. And after eating oranges, you need to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth in time, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the oral teeth. Don’t use orange peels to soak in water. This is because orange peels have antistaling agents, which are difficult to wash with water.

Many people like to drink coconut milk. Eating oranges has no effect on drinking coconut milk. But after eating seafood, you can’t drink coconut milk right away. Because Arsenic is contained in seafood, this substance will react with the vitamin C in coconut milk, and then generate some toxic substances, which will harm your health.