Why the urine comes out white after drinking milk

The child’s resistance is not very strong, and it is easier to be plagued by diseases in daily life. In order to strengthen the child’s resistance, parents often try a variety of methods. Nutrition in milk There are many substances. Drinking a glass of milk every day has many benefits for children. It not only benefits physical and mental growth, but also improves sleep quality. However, why does the urine appear white after drinking milk?

After drinking milk, urine comes out white, which may be caused by impaired kidney function. Milk contains high-protein ingredients. In the case of kidney function impairment, drinking milk may be It will increase the load and cause protein in the urine. It is recommended to check the kidneys and urine routines to clarify the specific reasons.

If there is a urinary system infection, there are many white blood cells in the urine, and the discharged urine is also pus, and accompanied by urgency, frequent urination and other symptoms, parents should carefully observe. In order to make the right treatment. In addition, if you have chyluria, your urine will be milky white, just like milk.

The temperature in winter is low, and the body needs metabolism. If the child’s intake of water is not enough and the body temperature is difficult to maintain stable, the waste produced will increase and the urine will be concentrated. After that, it will be milky white and turbid. Parents should give their children more water to see if the symptoms get better. The body of a child is different from that of an adult, so it is best to deal with it in time when there is an abnormality to avoid delays in the disease.