What if I drink barley tea milk but it still rises< /span>

Increase of milk is a common problem during breastfeeding. When there is too much milk and the baby eats too little milk, the milk can’t be discharged completely, which leads to the accumulation of milk. Women bring a lot of discomfort, breasts often feel swelling and painful. Some women can use barley tea to relieve them. However, what should I do if the barley tea milk is still very up?

If the barley tea milk is still very high, women should increase the frequency of breastfeeding, and the feeding time should not be too long, and it can provide enough nutrition for the baby, if the baby cannot After eating, you should choose to use a breast pump, which can effectively avoid the accumulation of milk. The breast pump has a certain suction power and generally does not cause discomfort during use.

Women can apply warm compress before breastfeeding, which can relax the breasts and promote milk secretion, but the temperature of the warm compress should not be too hot to avoid aggravating breast swelling. Causes obvious discomfort. Massage is also a way to relieve milk swelling. After applying heat to the breasts, women can gently massage the breasts. Milk may overflow during the massage, and the milk needs to be squeezed in a container. If the milk swelling is too serious, it is best to seek medical treatment in time to avoid mastitis and delay breastfeeding.

Mammary duct blockage is the cause of milk swelling. Women can use cold compress to relieve it, and it can also improve edema. It is very suitable for use after breastfeeding. The operation is relatively simple, but avoid temperature Too low to avoid frostbite breast tissue.