On June 11, a news that “Tencent pilots forced get off work hours at 6 o’clock” rushed to the hot search on Weibo.

The screenshot of the “Happy Work and Healthy Life” overtime management mechanism document released by the Photon Studio Group under Tencent Interactive Entertainment (IEG) shows that from June 14th, Photon The studio group strictly abides by the schedule of health day on Wednesday, leaving work at 6 o’clock; working days other than Wednesdays leave the office no later than 9 o’clock; weekend rest days are guaranteed to be closed, if you enter the critical phase of the project that has been reported, you need to send an email to clarify The reason for working overtime on Saturday is copied to the department’s HRBP, secretary, etc., and it is strictly forbidden to work overtime for two consecutive days on weekends. Internet-transmitted photon studio group

The photon studio group’s “Happy Work and Healthy Life” overtime management mechanism document transmitted on the Internet

For this news, the relevant person in charge of Tencent Interactive said that it is encouraging The combination of work and rest for employees further improves work efficiency. At the same time, they pay better attention to physical and mental health and allow more time to spend with their families. Tencent Interactive Entertainment Photonic Studio Group has introduced relevant measures.

It is reported that Tencent Interactive Entertainment has a tradition of “Wednesday Health Day” and encourages leaving get off work early on Wednesday to be with family and children.

The official website of the Photon Studio Group shows that the Photon Studio Group was established in 2008 and is one of the four major game studio groups in Tencent’s Interactive Entertainment Group (IEG). Photon’s products include “Peace Elite”, “Dawn Awakening”, “Free Fantasy”, “Happy Landlord” and so on.

In the context of workplace social platforms, the photonic studio group’s measures have aroused heated discussion. Some netizens expressed their appreciation, “I hope that our colleagues at Photonics will use this opportunity to prove that work efficiency can be improved without the need for 996 and change the current trend of Internet companies.” Some netizens who have been certified as a major game manufacturer said, “Before 9 o’clock. Is it a good start to leave the station? I have been 975 years.”

Tencent’s Photonic Studio Group is one of the top game teams in China, but in recent years , A group of emerging game companies in Shanghai have emerged and made a lot of effort to attract talents. For example, Xindong.com does not restrict clock-in, unlimited annual leave, and emphasizes “adult culture.” The Lilith project has a redemption of 190 million. The boss Wang Xinwen once said that work and life should be balanced. Compete for game talents and provide better treatment in ShanghaiThe gaming circle has been hotly debated for a while.

Looking at it this way, as the leader of the industry, Tencent is now taking measures to reduce overtime in the hope of improving work efficiency, combining work with rest, and paying attention to physical and mental health. But what netizens are concerned about is whether this measure can be effectively implemented? How long can it be executed?