Does drinking pure milk make you angry every day

Milk is a drink that everyone often drinks. It contains a lot of nutrients. Health is very beneficial. There are many types of milk, such as whole milk, skimmed milk, yogurt, and pure milk. You can choose according to your needs and taste. So, does drinking pure milk make you angry every day?

Drinking pure milk every day will not cause you to get angry, so you can drink it with confidence . Pure milk contains a lot of protein, minerals, and low sugar content and calories. It is a very healthy drink. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pure milk belongs to a very peaceful food, suitable for everyone to drink, and will not cause symptoms of fire.

When everyone is drinking pure milk, it’s not suitable for high temperature heating. This is Because there is a lot of protein in pure milk, high temperature heating will cause protein loss. And don’t eat it with acidic foods when drinking pure milk, otherwise it may cause protein hydrolysis, thereby reducing the nutritional value of pure milk.

After drinking pure milk, it is easy to produce too much gas, so people suffering from gastrointestinal ulcers, or people who often have abdominal distension, should not drink too much pure milk, so as not to aggravate the adverse symptoms. Everyone should Note that the digestion of pure milk requires a lot of whey protein lytic enzymes, so try not to drink it on an empty stomach to avoid lactose intolerance.