Problem description: I just went to the hospital this morning for an induction of labor. My friend told me to take gynecology and then ask me to recover, but I don’t want to eat. Can I take gynecological reconstruction pills after induction of labor?
Question date:2020-12-07
Patient information:Age: 29 Gender: Female
After induction of labor, you can follow the doctor’s instructions to eat gynecology Remade pills.
Because the body is relatively weak after induction of labor, taking some gynecological reconstruction pills can help nourish blood and regulate menstruation, and can also help warm the palace and relieve pain. It can also help with long-term menstruation and dysmenorrhea. After childbirth, you can cooperate with your doctor to take anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent pelvic infections, and use drugs that promote uterine contractions to restore the uterus.
Usually maintain good personal hygiene, change underwear frequently every day, wear more underwear with better air permeability, and expose the washed underwear to the sun to prevent infection.
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