Problem description: It has been several months since I gave birth to my baby, and I still haven’t had menstruation. My friend asked me to take Gynecological Yangrong Capsules and said it can regulate menstruation. How long does it take to take Gynecological Yangrong Capsules after childbirth?
Question date:2020-12-07
Patient information:Age: 31 Gender: Female The doctor ordered Gynecological Yangrong capsules.
The postpartum mother’s body is relatively weak and there will be insufficient Qi and blood, which may cause delayed menstruation or irregular menstruation. After the lactation period, they will recover on their own. Gynecological Yangrong Capsule has the effect of nourishing Qi and blood, and can also treat irregular menstruation. For specific medication, you can go to a regular hospital for treatment. After the cause is clear, take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor.
During this period, you should pay attention to appropriate nutritional supplements. You can also eat more red dates, donkey-hide gelatin and other qi and blood-reinforcing foods, which will help the recovery of physical fitness, and pay more attention to rest to avoid fatigue.
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