Does vulvar eczema cause whitening

Eczema is very common in life, usually people with weak body resistance are very susceptible to eczema Harassment. However, some women have irregular daily life and poor diet, which can easily lead to a decline in body resistance and affect their health. For this reason, some women suffer from eczema. But some people want to know, can women suffering from eczema cause the vulva to turn white?

Women who suffer from vulvar eczema may have white skin on the affected area, which is actually caused by pigmentation. In addition to hyperpigmentation, women will also experience genital itching after illness. However, not every woman with the disease will have white skin on the affected area. Therefore, it is normal for women not to have white skin on the vulva after the disease. Don’t worry.

Although vulvar eczema does little harm to women, it can affect their lives and work. For this reason, when female vulvar eczema occurs, it is still necessary to carry out early treatment to prevent the condition from getting worse. For vulvar eczema, women need to be actively treated after going out. They also need to pay attention to the hygiene of their private parts, wear cotton underwear every day, and change underwear frequently.

When washing the private parts, do not use lotion, and the temperature of the washing water should not be too high, otherwise it will stimulate the vulvar eczema and cause the condition to become worse. During treatment, women also need to pay attention to their diet and eat less spicy and irritatingFood, eat more mild and nutritious food to supplement the body’s nutrition, improve the body’s immunity, and promote the body’s recovery.