Problem description: Hello doctor, I am a 23-year-old male, who has sex. Before the one-time life, the foreskin was torn due to a little bit of force during the trick. After a few days, I felt relieved. Well, it was found that the foreskin was still torn after sex. After using iodophor and erythromycin ointment for external use, it still did not work (the foreskin was still torn after the wound was healed during sex). How can the doctor solve it?
Question date:2021-02-16
Patient information:Age: 23 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: In this case, first consider the patient’s local bacterial infection. It is recommended to use iodophor for disinfection.
Guide and suggestion: After disinfection, I personally recommend that patients use Baiduobang ointment for external treatment, and at the same time change and wash their underwear every day.
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