Problem description: Dysmenorrhea, pain every month is very serious, every month before it comes, it will hurt a few days in advance, this kind of pain can be tolerated a little, but once it arrives I can’t stand it at all, it’s useless to eat bunovfin! What to do! ! There is no remedy (all kinds of medicine have been taken)
Date of problem: 2021-02-17
Patient information: Age: 20 years old : Female
Problem analysis: Hello, according to your description, if dysmenorrhea often occurs in this situation, you still need to check further to see if there is a specific organic disease.
Guiding suggestions: In this case, you need to consider the hospital to further check the color Doppler to see if there is a specific problem. After confirming the diagnosis, treat the cause of the disease. You need to pay attention to rest and light diet. At present, the pain is severe, and oral ibuprofen capsules can be considered.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection