Problem description: Hello, doctor, my dad is 57 years old this year. On the night of January 23, he had an unbearable abdominal pain. He was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer rupture in the emergency department of the hospital. He underwent interventional surgery at the time. The department stayed in the department for three days, unable to arrange an inpatient department, and was not admitted to the intensive care unit due to financial reasons. At that time, he went back to the county hospital in his hometown for conservative treatment. Every day, only anti-inflammatory and pain relief and nutrition injections were used. Today, patients can eat, drink, and walk. We don’t want to give up like that. We want to actively cooperate with the treatment. We want to ask a doctor for advice within our financial range. What should I do next? Our family’s financial situation is not very good, and it is a file. Lika poor households, but we really don’t want to give up. Please give us some suggestions. Thank you?
Question date:2021-02-17
Patient information:Age: 57 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: Sudden abdominal pain in the upper right for more than half a month. Abdominal CT and ultrasound indicated that liver cancer was ruptured and hemorrhage under the liver capsule might be possible. Conservative treatment so far, laboratory results have not been stated. It is planned to clarify the further diagnosis and treatment plan.
Guiding suggestions: 1) The diagnosis of advanced liver cancer is clear, and it is recommended to go to the Department of Interventional Oncology. 2) It is recommended to improve the auxiliary laboratory tests to clarify the nature of the underlying liver disease. If it is hepatitis B, it is recommended to start antiviral treatment. 3) For the current condition, it is strongly recommended to go to the Department of Interventional Oncology and consider radiofrequency ablation and interventional therapy. If there are interventional indications, it is the best treatment plan.
Recommendations are for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed inspection