Problem description: The baby is almost four months old! Sometimes I don’t take milk for five or six hours lately at night! ! But I kept turning over, and I kept shaking my head when I turned it over. He kept shaking his head without letting him turn over! ! Give him milk and he will eat too! But don’t open your eyes! ! Is this situation hungry? Do you need to eat it for him?
Question date:2021-02-18
Patient information:Age: April Gender: Female
Question analysis: Hello, according to your description, this situation must first consider whether the child is night terrors. The most common cause of this situation is the child’s low calcium. Often accompanied by occipital baldness.
Guide suggestion: It is recommended to check the trace elements. If it is caused by low calcium, you need to increase the intake of vitamin D and calcium, and increase the child’s time in the sun. If there is no problem, consider whether it is a neurodevelopmental physiological manifestation.
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