Problem description: No. 2 brought a condom, and took emergency contraception the next afternoon. 14.15. There are brown liquid drips. It lasted for two days. My aunt should have come on the 16th but she didn’t come. Now it has been delayed for two days. I did not get pregnant on the 8th with premature pregnancy test paper. What to do now
Question date:2021-02-18
Patient information:Age: 20 years old Gender: Female
Problem analysis: Hello, according to your description, it should be said that you will not get pregnant in this situation, because there is still withdrawal bleeding in the middle, although the amount of bleeding is not large.
Guidance suggestion: Then, I suggest that you still need to observe this situation closely. Generally speaking, after taking emergency contraceptives, it may cause endocrine disorders and affect menstrual cramps.
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