On July 23, the spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Gao Li introduced the progress of the investigation into the case of stock price manipulation such as “Zhongyuan Home Furnishing” and “Litong Electronics”.

Gao Li said that from September 2020 to May 2021, Shi and other manipulating groups controlled dozens of securities accounts through continuous trading and reverse trading. The stock price of “Zhongyuan Home” Litong Electronics” was picked up by other illegal methods, and the transaction amount reached more than 3 billion yuan. The relevant behavior has reached the criminal prosecution standard and is suspected of constituting a market manipulation crime. The investigation also found that individual personnel of relevant financial institutions were suspected Non-state employees commit bribery crimes. The China Securities Regulatory Commission transferred the above-mentioned suspected criminal cases and clues to the public security organs for criminal responsibility. Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission cooperated with the public security organs to carry out joint operations. The suspected criminals have been arrested and brought to justice, and the relevant investigation work has been fully launched; the China Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to actively support and cooperate with the relevant work.

(The original title is “Report from the Securities Regulatory Commission” The amount involved in the case of Zhongyuan Home Furnishing Stock Price Manipulation is more than 3 billion “)