I still remember that the big characters in the middle of the website of Huili’s official website are particularly conspicuous: “Traditional craftsmanship, respect for the craftsmanship.”

Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Knowledge of Productivity” (ID: Zhichanli), author Nasser.

The impression of the returning power of consumers can not be traced to the history of the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. At that time, they were extremely sought-after in the market and had a unique advantage. Experienced company joint ventures and several mergers, reorganizations, and rebranding. Even if there is a lack of material, the returning power will also flourish. Although the sales volume is not high, but the influence is only increasing, and the hand can be hot to the back.The youth of the sneakers have the risk of being robbed of shoes. “Little white shoes” is undoubtedly the trend of the trend.

From being plagiarized to suspected plagiarism

However, when the tree was so popular, when it was highly regarded in the domestic market of the last century, there was countless ruthless plagiarism. A pair of genuine sneakers sold for nearly 36 yuan, while a pair of pirated sneakers as long as 15 yuan.

“Fake back force” cut corners, make a fuss from leather, inner cushions, and soles. The texture is rough and the air permeability is poor. It is even more impossible to guarantee the grip like genuine. But even so, the piracy is still awkward, with the halved price and the audience’s favor of the pullback, it has greatly affected the authentic sales market, and the losses suffered cannot be counted. Because of environmental changes and the limitations of the times, the return is unable to protect their intellectual property rights.

According to the data of Tianyue, the earliest registered trademark that can be counted after the founding of the People’s Republic of China is the “Forward” trademark applied for in 1978, while the earlier “Return” trademark has no data of the application date, only the “Trademark has been displayed”. registered”.

A hundred years of

This year, the pace of trademark application for Huili has not stopped, but the field has changed a lot. The new trademark application no longer involves clothing, shoes, hats or fitness equipment, but kitchen ware, fabric sheets, scientific instruments… At first glance, it seems to have changed.

A hundred years of

But in the old line, the gaze of the pull back gradually separated from the original classic style of shoes, the innovation of the product needs to inject new blood. Today, if you enter “return” on the shopping site to search, it is difficult to see the most memorable white shoes in many products.

A hundred years of

The questioning voice is issued. The posts on “returning plagiarism” in various social softwares are endless, pointing out that the return shoes are more and more lacking in independent innovation. The design of the new shoes is almost “copying and copying” the classic styles of all kinds of big brands, and even directly plagiarizing without concealing. Friends of the company explosion products, more network