As the number of victims of data misuse continues to rise, the incident has drawn widespread attention from society and government. On August 12, 2019, the Tokyo Labor Bureau of the Ministry of Labour of Japan, in conjunction with the Japan Personal Intelligence Protection Committee, urgently investigated the matter. As of August 29, 38 large enterprises including Honda and Toyota have been exposed to use this product to estimate the probability of dismissal of job seekers, and even as an evaluation indicator for job seekers.

Affected by this incident, Rikunabi’s holding company RECRUIT (Chinese Ricky) plunged its share price on August 29, and a total of 13 companies successively sold 100 million shares on the grounds of “intra-inspection management defects”. Over a thousand shares of RECRUIT shares, RECRUIT shares fell 8% within one day.

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*The holding company RRCRUIT shares fell sharply, only investing 800 million yen in stock repurchase

2, data commercialization, 3 sins

This incident “A stone provokes a thousand waves”, and how does this 2C service product “Rikunabi DMP follow”, which commercializes job seekers’ personal data, work? Why are you “grouping up and attacking”?

My data is not your product, OK?

* The author translated the image according to the pyolog

Every year in April, Rikunabi, the school recruitment season in October, can stably obtain a batch of job seeker data. So from 2017, Rikunabi began collecting data training models.

RikunabiDMP follow the specific process, the company first uploads the registration ID, assessment results, academic qualifications and other information of the previous year’s hiring users and the information of this year’s candidates (data group A) to DMP follow. At the same time, Rikunabi also requested that the company also send a link to the website containing Beacon (beacon) to determine the student information (data group B). And these data will be directly onIn the 019 Internet Trend Report, RECRUIT is the only Japanese company among the top 30 Internet companies in the world. It won the 14th place under the heavy attack of Chinese and American companies, with a market valuation of 52.8 billion US dollars.

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*Image from the 2019 Internet Trend Report published by Mary Mickel

Founded in 1960 to start as a human resource. In the 1990s, during the dawn of the Internet in Japan, RECRUIT took advantage of more than 30 years of intelligence experience and boldly combined with Internet technology to set up an online website for real estate purchase consultation, Mix-Juice, for its data intelligence accumulation stage. basis.

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*Image from RECRUIT official website

In addition to the main line business human resources development management, RECRUIT is also deeply involved in the sub-line market of catering, beauty, tourism, used cars, wedding, housing, and education.

In Japan, starting from the first job in life, getting married, changing jobs, buying a house, raising children, etc. RECRUIT can participate in every important node of future life. In the era of big data, this also means that every important node in life, RECRUIT has the opportunity to obtain.

Almost all Internet users in Japan use our products more or less. The data of the C side and the data of the B end are collected through each platform to form a large database. Big data analysis and machine learning through the database, so that the final customer transactions continue to expand, thereby expanding our own income. Therefore, from the perspective of its own business development and optimization, Recruit’s operating income rose 16.3% last year.

——Speech by Recruit China Managing Director at the “2019 WISE Super Evolution” Conference

The two important advantages of RECRUIT’s business development are based on the business model of hiring a powerful database and platform for data entry.Accurate matching is inseparable from data deposition. However, it is ironic because the data RECRUIT has grown rapidly because data has lost market trust. Although I believe it will recover, it takes time.

4, We, the vulnerable groups in the data age

Data-driven slogans have been hot for many years, and many companies have gained their own optimization and improvement from the iterative deposition of data. As a party that uses services and enjoys services, we are indeed profitable. We enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the data age and witness the growth of technology wealth.

We are profitable in the data age, and we are also a vulnerable group in the data age.

No matter whether it was the previous Google Assistant and Alexa’s personal recording leak, this time Rikunabi did not elaborate on the private commercial personal data, or today’s “upload face is ours” ZAO for face-changing software. It is not uncommon for the personal data to be exchanged for convenience and the inequality of personal privacy for product service.

My data is not your product, OK?

*The face-changing APPZAO in the world is hot because of personal privacy terms

However, the more terrifying is the data age, we are all weak in technology, knowledge and money. Due to the asymmetry of technical intelligence, we do not know whether our intelligence is properly used, whether it is reasonably destroyed when it is not needed, and whether appropriate data is collected according to reasonable objectives.

The data age, in addition to relying on government legal supervision (the EU updated the data protection safety directive GDPR in July 2019) and our own learning improvement. I also hope that all Internet companies can be awesome in every piece of data, and technology is good.