Problem description: There is a mass on the lymphatic area of ​​the thigh and crotch. The pus was squeezed out just now, and it is still red and swollen. If I don’t want to go to the hospital, can I wipe it with iodophor first? I’m afraid of infection around
Question date: 2021-03-11
Patient information:Age: 37-year-old gender: female
Problem analysis: Long pustules are mostly caused by poor blood circulation in the lower limbs and infection of bacteria. The surface of the pustules will be accompanied by exudation, rupture, pain, and burning.< br>Guide and suggestion: If you want to undergo treatment, it is recommended that you choose to collect bubble fluid from a local hospital for bacterial culture plus drug sensitivity test, and you can choose targeted drug treatment based on the results of the drug sensitivity test.
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