Problem description: On December 6-7, 2020, my father coughed up blood and went to the county hospital for a CT scan. The doctor said it was okay. After taking the medicine, he slowly stopped coughing up blood. , But coughing constantly. On March 2, 21, my father said that he had coughed up blood again yesterday, and then we had another CT. The doctor said there might be something in the lungs, and suggested bronchoscopy. The result of bronchoscopy was non-small cell squamous carcinoma.
Question date:2021-03-11
Patient information:Age: 82 years old Gender: Male
Question analysis: Hello, pathology is the gold standard for diagnosing tumors. You can also take pathological slices to a special tumor hospital and read the film again. It is recommended to check a whole body pet ct, which is an isotope ct, to assess the whole body condition and see if there is any metastasis. No metastasis can be indicated for surgery, but it should be specifically evaluated by the surgeon based on age and physical condition. Then there is radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The damage is also relatively large. You can also use Chinese medicine to treat the tumor, pay attention to nutritional support treatment, and pay attention to rest to avoid fatigue.
Guide suggestion: It is recommended to perform isotope ct examination to clarify the general condition and guide the treatment. It is recommended to treat with Chinese medicine at the same time, pay attention to nutritional support, and take rest to avoid fatigue.
The suggestion is for reference only. If the problem is serious, please go to the hospital for detailed examination