In addition, Flipkart launched the Hindi language platform Flipkart Hindi to attract the next “200 million Hindi users”; Latin American on-demand erotic Unicorn Rappi plans to expand its business to 100 cities by the end of the year; Indonesia OTA Unicorn Traveloka launched Insurance Technology Services

Southeast Asia

Grab Investor Beacon Venture Capital announced its participation in Aspire’s $32.5 million Series A round of financing. According to DealStreetAsia, Beacon is a corporate venture capital division of Thailand’s Kai Tai Bank (formerly Taihua Farmers Bank), which has previously invested in Southeast Asian cross-border payment company InstaReM and travel unicorns. Grab. It is reported that Aspire was founded in 2018 by former Lazada executives and is an online loan platform that provides small loans for small e-commerce companies. The company currently operates in markets such as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Singapore’s largest medical social platform Docquity plans to raise $35 million in Series C financing. According to DealStreetAsia, Docquity completed $11 million in Series B financing in March of this year. Founded in 2015, Docquity is a social platform focused on the healthcare industry, designed to provide physicians with an online platform to interact with their peers or patients. The company currently has 110,000 registered physician users in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines, and plans to expand the total number of registered doctors to 200,000 by August next year. The funds raised by the plan will be used for its business expansion in the Japanese and Korean markets.

“Indonesia Alipay” backed by Ant Financial, DANA is the fastest growing market in the country. According to Asian financial reports In 2017, Ant Financial and Indonesian media group Emtek co-founded DANA. In December last year, DANA launched its own payment application and used it on platforms such as Indonesian Indonesian e-commerce Bukalapak. It is reported that DANA has used its experience in Indonesia to learn from Alipay’s experience, which has pushed its market ranking to third place, following Go-Pay and OVO. It is reported that DANA is trying to join various financial services such as insurance, microfinance and wealth management products on its platform.

Y ComBinator Indonesian agricultural and sideline products distribution platform Eden Farm participated in the investment of $1.7 million in seed round financing. According to DealStreetAsia, this round of financing was led by Global Founders Capital, a venture capital firm from Germany, which focuses on various areas in Southeast Asia and has invested in 278 investments, including Traveloka. Well-known brands such as Lazada, Trivago, and Delivery Hero. Founded in 2017, Eden Farm aims to supply products from more than 60 farms to more than 200 restaurants in Indonesia through its agricultural product distribution network.

Indonesia OTA Unicorn Traveloka launches insurance technology services. According to the English website KrASIA, users can purchase life insurance products through the Traveloka app. According to reports, “insurance technology” is becoming the next hot spot in the digital industry in Indonesia. It is reported that Traveloka has previously invested in PasarPolis, a startup in the insurance technology industry, with two other unicorns, Gojek and Tokopedia.


OYO acquired Danatica, the Copenhagen data company, and the amount of the acquisition was not disclosed. According to ET Tech, OYO intends to enter the European market. In the month before OYO acquired Danamica, the company announced that it would invest 300 million euros to expand its European holiday home leasing business. In May of this year, OYO also acquired holiday rental company @Leisure from German media group Axel Springer and changed its name to OYO Vacation Homes. With the acquisition of Danamica, Danamica’s machine learning and business intelligence technology can help OYO increase hotel revenues by adjusting its pricing in time with data analysis of up to 97% accuracy.

Flipkart launched the Hindi platform Flipkart Hindi to attract the next 200 million Hindi users”. According to Yourstory, the 2011 Census shows that 44% of the Indian population uses Hindi, which is a huge potential customer base for Flipkart. It is reported that in order to successfully win the second and third places in the Hindi language,Online shopping users in fourth-tier cities are convenient for them to shop online, and Flipkart will focus on “content localization”.


Goldman’s Nigerian logistics startup Kobo360 announced its expansion into East Africa and operations in Kenya. According to Disrupt Africa, in August this year, the company raised $30 million in Series A financing. Established in 2017, Kobo360 is a digital logistics platform that brings together end-to-end transportation services to help shippers, truck owners and drivers, as well as cargo receivers achieve efficient docking. It is reported that Kobo360 has been in Kenya for a five-month trial operation. Its logistics partners in Kenya include Bidco Africa, Union Logistics and Intraspeed ARCPRO Kenya, as well as processing plants such as Bakhresa Group, Rafiki Millers and McNeel Millers.

Latin America

Wal-Mart opens the day-to-day delivery service in Mexico. According to the financial news agency, Wal-Mart’s Mexican subsidiary said on Monday that it has begun to provide services for some home and technology products ordered online within three hours. The company said in a statement that the new Wal-Mart subsidiary in Mexico is suitable for about 12,000 items delivered in Mexico, including laptops, mobile phones, televisions and clothing irons.

Latin American on-demand errands Rappi plans to expand its business to 100 cities by the end of the year. According to Contxto, Rappi is the first unicorn in Colombia and the company that has invested the most in Softbank. Rappi’s co-founder and president, Mejía, said Softbank’s investment helped them expand their business to 55 cities in eight countries. It is reported that Rappi was established in 2015. At the beginning of its establishment, Rappi only provided beverage distribution business, and now it has expanded to catering, groceries, and even technology products and medicine. In addition, the company has a cash withdrawal service that allows users to pay by credit card and then exchange cash from Rappi’s delivery staff.

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Going Daily | OYO acquires Copenhagen data company Danamica; Wal-Mart in MexicoBrother opened the day delivery service

Going Daily | OYO acquires Copenhagen data company Danamica; Wal-Mart opens day delivery service in Mexico