What is the northern part of Taikoo Li, Sanlitun, Beijing? There is a big fashion brand Versace, next to Kardashian’s favorite Balmain, opposite Balenciga, and now the most popular street brand OFF-White. The words of Sanlitun North District always exude a kind of meaning that if you are not noble enough, don’t squeeze the three-point land.

This afternoon, French audio brand Devialet held a brand event in Beijing’s Sanlitun North District and announced the first concept store in Beijing.

So probably you can imagine what kind of brand is Diware, although it is not comparable to those who have endless fever, but it is indeed a luxury for me to wait for the poor, I think it will probably Girls look at a 20,000-plus LV bag, because the cheapest one in their family can top three, no, it’s the price of four HomePods.

Slightly let go of the way you have never seen the world. In fact, the brand was not established for a long time. The three founders founded the brand in 2007. The brand name is from France.Engineer pioneer Guillaume Vialet.

In 2015, Divale ushered in a huge change. Their most important product, the Phantom wireless speaker, was released and sold to the Apple Store in the same year. So far, the high-end Gold Phantom is commonly known as “Golden Egg”. , still has a very good reputation.

This time I saw the different sizes of Diwalei wireless speaker products in the concept store. I thought it was the same at first. After a while, I found out that I actually found the most common “boiled egg”. The “name” version to the higher end of the “silver egg”, “golden egg” are put out.

As for the price, the classic version is priced at 14,980 yuan, the “silver egg” phantom carbon silver version is priced at 18,980 yuan, the “golden egg” phantom carbon gold version is priced at 23,980 yuan, and there is a Paris Opera version. The price is 28,980 yuan.

In October last year, Divale developed a smaller and more affordable fantasy series based on the Mirage series, which is almost the same size as our HomedPod and SONOS One on the desktop. The price also fell below 10,000 yuan for the first time. The small white core 600 only needs 8980 yuan, and the more powerful white core 900 is slightly more expensive, 11980 yuan.

Oh yes, this time there is Expert Pro, the Chinese name is the series of the door of the wonderful, this set of sound system is for the more enthusiastic (some) burning (money) local enthusiasts, starting price of 43990 yuan The highest-end EXPERT 1000 PRO DUAL price reached 249,900 yuan.

With this brand event, Divale also announced the official channels of China. In addition to the storefront of Sanlitun Taikooli in Beijing, Shanghai Xingye Taikoo Hui also opened a direct store in Divale. Other sales partners include drivepro, alcohol, Lane Crawford, Shun, chonps and our most familiar Tmall and JD.

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From my experience on the spot, the energy that the Phantom series can release is really shocking, and the volume of sound is not a problem when blowing dozens of candles in one breath. The overall sound is biased towards the type of drum, so that people can feel the (physical) power of music.

As for the smaller phantom series, it can also make a very powerful sound in this volume. With the bracket, it should be unexpectedly suitable in the minimalist style of the Nordic style, while the Mirage and Magic Series Stereo can be combined in series with multiple speakers for a better sound experience.

The happiness of the rich is so simple and boring.