Apple’s total sales of new models in the second half of this year are estimated at 79 million units, down 7% from last year’s 85 million units.

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Beijing time on September 11th at 1 am, Apple will hold a press conference to launch this year’s new mobile phone. What is Apple’s expectation for the sales situation of this year’s new mobile phone? According to the latest news from foreign media, according to brokers and analysts, Apple’s production of new smartphones in 2019 remains relatively conservative, and the total quantity ordered from assembly foundries is not expected to exceed the company’s 2018 production. How much is the number.

According to foreign media reports, before the “By Innovation Only” product launch held by Apple in September, analysis from US brokers Cowen and Rosenblatt Securities The division is analyzing how many new phones Apple will produce this year.

According to the news obtained by Kewen, Apple is expected to produce 65 million new mobile phones for the fourth quarter of 2019 (the Christmas shopping season), which is the same as last year, which is Apple’s “four-year minimum procurement level.”

Kewen believes that in the second half of 2019, Apple’s new mobile phone will account for 72% of the company’s total sales, or 47 million. At the same time, Apple’s total sales of new models in the second half of this year are expected to be 79 million, down 7% from last year’s 85 million.

Kewen said: “We believe that the year-on-year reduction in production plans may be to better control excess inventory entering 2020, especially considering the increase in mobile phone inventory levels of channels after the Christmas holiday in the past two years.” /p>

Rosenblatt Securities believes that Apple needs to accelerate the production of the “iPhone XI R” model in August, giving it more opportunities to increase the size of its cost-effective models, and sales are expected to increase.

However, the company’s analysts believe that the output of the other two new phones, “iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max,” released this year has not changed, because Apple has been aggressive enough to build new phones for the North American market by mid-December. Stocking.

In the past few years, Apple’s smartphone business has been in a relatively sluggish state, and the decline in sales has shown an expanding trend. According to the US technology market research firm IDC, in the first quarter of this year, Apple’s mobile phone sales plummeted by 30%, and sales in the second quarter plummeted by 30%. Apple’s decline far exceeded that of the other six mobile phone manufacturers in the world.

Before, foreign media also pointed out that Apple issued in 2019Cloth’s new mobile phone may face some embarrassment. Recently, foreign media reported on the new mobile phone information that Apple will launch in 2020. For example, all built-in 5G chips support 5G mobile networks, etc., and it is possible to remove “bangs” to become real. Full screen mobile phone. At the same time, Apple’s new phone released this year seems to have been somewhat neglected.

In addition, it is necessary to compare with the past, Apple is also producing more old mobile phones, in order to seek consumer support at different price points. For example, in India, Apple commissioned Wistron to produce iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and other antique models. This year, Foxconn Group also built a factory in India. According to Indian media reports, Foxconn has already produced iPhone X phones in India with an annual production capacity of One million units will be offered to Indian consumers at relatively affordable prices.

With a large number of old mobile phones being produced and sold at the same time, the market impact and sales volume of Apple’s new mobile phones are difficult to compare with the past.