Why do fans like to declare?

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—— “I don’t know my classmates. It’s just too much to declare.”

——“The movie box office is so low, what is the announcement?”

After the director Yan Xuanfa and the film Fang Xuanfa, the movie fan group Xuanfa once again became the hot spot recently. Today, Xuanfa seems to have become the “culprit” of the film’s low fever and box office downturn, and is constantly being slammed by the audience.

For example, the recent “Rom Little Black Wars” was spurred by the audience. Director MTJJ Wood even stood up and personally named the company. The previous “Glitter Girl” “White Snake: Origin”, including “Avengers 3” and many other Hollywood movies, have all had similar phenomena, but the reputation of “Dog Thirteen” is slightly smaller. The film did not see the audience “sword finger” announced.

Behind the fan 骂 宣 发, declare that you want to mature and fans

So, which movie announcements are easy to attract viewers? What kind of psychology is the audience that is arrogant? Is Xuanfa really going to have a pot for the film’s performance?

Details of the audience and the war of warfare

Talking about the war between the audience and Xuanfa, the main point of the contradiction lies in the fact that in the eyes of the audience, Xuanfa did not fulfill the due diligence, resulting in low film popularity and no circle, resulting in the market. Poor performance.

For the “Rom Little Black War”, many fans believe that Xuanfa did not make enough promotion for the film. Although the regular announcements, posters, spots, and even the short video of the layout are all available, the film exposure is still not satisfactory. It is almost entirely supported by the TV fans’ tap water. Many passers-by don’t even know Who is Xiao He?, or an animation that is thought to be for children, and some viewers think that the film will be placed in the “waist file”, which is not conducive to the follow-up of the film.

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At the beginning of this year, when “White Snake: Origin” was first released, the audience complained that the Xuanfa team did not conduct effective topic hype, nor did they ask the stars, buy hot search, etc. to boost the film out of the circle. On the contrary, please The marriage and love website posted a blog, constantly releasing the highlights of the film on the Internet, and even opening the topic of #全网救小白#, trying to expand the influence of the film through tap water, but was uttered by the audience.

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The release of “Glitter Girl” in 2017, from the title, poster, and the “Unlimited for 24 years old, this time we only welcome young people” offline activities, the announcement of the team to apologize and other operations, also The audience was criticized.

Of course, the biggest controversy in the film is that as a film with elements of the second element and the ancient elements, it is not appropriate for Xuanfa to set the marketing point on the second element, because this audience is limited and naturally impossible. Let the film achieve maximum exposure. Some viewers believe that although Xuanfa tried to win the attention of the second-yuan audience, it did not grasp the platform of the B-station, which gathered a large number of secondary audiences, but tried to win the recognition of more mainstream audiences, but the final results were not satisfactory. . The subjects, types, music, actors, creative teams, and the scenes in the film that can make the audience feel bloody have not been effectively promoted.

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Abandoning domestic movies, the announcement of Hollywood movies is even more eccentric.

Take the red carpet of the Avengers 3 in Shanghai Disneyland last year, and also the event of the 10th Anniversary of Marvel Films, from inviting many domestic singers to help out to the singer’s ticket amount. More than Marvel’s main creation, as well as the chaotic admission rules, as well as the host’s “step aside” inappropriate remarks, and finally the “Chen Eun Xun Station C” photo turmoil, let many Marvel fans think that this event is “successful”, I feel Being “offended”, it triggered a large-scale tearing X scene of rumors, rumors, and even fans.