Have the right to be forgotten.

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The latest news went without a hit: adult film production company Bang Bros bought a website called PornWikiLeaks, and then burned all the data.

For adult film actors, PornWikiLeaks is like a nightmare. The true information of more than 15,000 actors is listed above, many of which include family information, contact information and even home addresses. In comparison, the impact of the site’s ridicule and humiliation on their use of words is only second to none.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

On the page of PornWikiLeaks, there is a column dedicated to the family and friends of this person

But now these are all over. Now when you visit PornWikiLeaks, you will only see a statement issued by Bang Bros to “People”.

It announced that the site has been bought with the domain name data and deleted forever, without snapshots. “There are 300,000 posts on this forum, most of which are full of malicious and hateful, and now they are gone.”

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

Bang Bros’ statement

After the statement, there is also a link to a video showing how they handled the data: a fire burned out, it was so simple and rude.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

In fact, these private data in PornWikiLeaks should not exist in this world, their birth was accompanied by sin – most of this personal information came from a clinic leak.

This California-based clinic is opened by the American Adult Industry Health Foundation (AIM) to provide practitioners with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. According to industry-wide agreements, participants were screened 30 days before the film was taken to avoid health risks.

In all respects, this is a good thing, but in the end it has had unintended consequences.

In 2011, the clinic’s data was widely leaked, and the personal data of more than 12,000 adult film actors was posted on the Internet. Subsequently, PornWikiLeaks quickly rose up with these data, and AIM was so troubled by internal and external affairs that it soon went bankrupt and disappeared.

In other words, not only the practitioners of the adult industry have lost a vital health guarantee, but their personal privacy has also been posted on the Internet for viewing, which is even detailed in the results of individual HIV testing. .

We don’t really have to imagine what it was for everyone involved. Since then, they have begun to upgrade their “human flesh search” step by step, and never stopped.

Now, although Bang Bros has solved such a huge information distribution center, they also know that “closing this website does not erase all traces of real names on the Internet, but at least one can be easily found. The place of information.”

Everything won’t come so easily, even Pornwkileaks’ own body is hard to clean. Although its data has been burnt out, we can still easily find traces of the remnants on the network.

For example, in these pictures of “skin” in Google Pictures, the title is often simple and straightforward. The pseudonym and real name of a person are connected by an equal sign. Like the ancient gauntlet, the imprint of shame on the face cannot be erased.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

This reminds me of something called “the right to be forgotten.”

In simple terms,It means that people have the right to ask for the removal of negative information about themselves or outdated personal information. In 2016, the EU legislated for it, and it became a hot topic at the moment.

But actually the “right to be forgotten” has been repeatedly mentioned before that: in 2011, a Spanish man went all the way to the EU court, asking Google to delete himself from the government for debts more than a decade ago. The information that ordered the auction of the property – he clearly has paid off the debt, can search his name on the Internet, but still shows this rather negative news.

Until 2014, the EU issued a ruling that supported this “right to be forgotten” claim, and this vocabulary between freedom of speech and personal privacy has since become the focus of debate.

For many people, their dreams are famous, but for some people, their wishes are forgotten. Because of this desire, or because the desire is close at hand but far away, someone has paid the price of blood.

In 2016, the “forgotten right” had been officially enacted by the European Union for half a year, and the Italian woman Tiziana Cantone hanged herself in a small basement. At that time she had fought for her “forgotten right” for several months.

Before that, Cantone had sent her and other people’s sex videos to friends in order to retaliate against her ex-boyfriend (this is of course an impulsive thing), but it was quickly circulated to the Internet, with a few Millions of people watched. What she said in the video even became a network hotspot, printed on the T-shirt and the phone case.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

Cantone has had her own peaceful life

Cantone changed his name, quit his job, and moved to another city, but this past has gone hand in hand and continues to afflict her. So she tried to get her “forgotten right” through the law, hoping to remove the video from the Internet and let herself leave the public eye.

She won the “victory”: the court ruled that websites including Facebook and search engines deleted the videos – but as a winner, she still had to pay 20,000 euros (about 140,000 yuan) in litigation costs.

Some local media said, “This is the last straw to crush her.” Although it looks similar to the “Sicilian Beauty”, Cantone faces much more humiliation than electricity.The shadow is much more powerful.

There is always such a voice in the past, now and now: whether it is adult film actors or suicide Cantone, their behavior is the result of their choice. They chose to embark on this road (or do such a stupid thing), but now they want to erase these traces and retreat. How can this be done?

They said, this is called “When the blind man still has to establish a memorial archway.”

This way, we are back to the original question: Should adult film actors have the qualification to be anonymous?

The “political curtain of ignorance” put forward by American political philosopher John Rawls may be used to consider this question: if you leave your infinite identity and no longer know who you are, we will hope What kind of world is it?

Is the world of an adult film actor whose name, address and family information are public?

Of course, we can all choose not to enter this line. This is something we can choose. But – if the family is doing this, we will still be dragged in.

Further, if one of our friends is “that person”? If we happen to happen at the same party, but we are unfortunately taken into the exposure photo, we have been hanging on the website since then… As long as this mouth is opened, it will inevitably slide down all the way.

This idea, which seems to be morally dominant, actually hurts each of us equally.

In fact, putting the practice of Bang Bros together with the “forgiveness treasure” that was once so raging is the most vivid contrast.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

Of course, this screenshot is clarified after the event is false

As Bang Bros wrote in the statement: “In the world we live in today, it is well known that things that are put on the Internet will always exist.” People’s attention is short-lived, but the memory of the Internet is particularly tough. .

Sometimes, some things should be more forgotten and put back into the shadows. Although in a world that is still full of sluts and humiliation, we still hold on to the past of others, but everyone is slowly realizing that letting others go is actually protecting themselves.

I can’t simply say that everyone should immediately put aside their prejudice against the adult industry, but we can at least refuse to continue to plunder the privacy of others, andTake this as a pleasure. The tragedy of Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables” should not be repeated again in the real world.

Like the current Weibo’s Weibo, the mockery of her is still there, but more and more people have accepted her new identity: a happy mother.

An adult film company burned the real information of 15,000 actors

Unfortunately, only a handful of people in this industry can get such a blessing